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2010 : A Secure Membership Service for Time-Triggered Protocols

Bernhard Urban, Sebastian Falbesoner
A membership service provides information about faulty nodes (e.g. nodes not synchronized with the global time) which is vital for safety-critical applications. FlexRay does not provide a membership service by design, hence it must be implemented on the application layer. Openness and connectivity of real-time systems have increased over the years, thus a logical step forward is to secure this service. Clock synchronization is the most elementary and therefore most vulnerable operation in a time-triggered protocol. By using a secure membership service, we also secure the concerning clocks. On top of that, other services can be realized on a higher layer.

We have implemented the secure membership service on a FlexRay evaluation board ("bitspot blue" by Fujitsu) by using two different approaches:

  • symmetric encryption only (AES)
  • symmetric encryption in combination with public key cryptography (RSA-AES)
We have analyzed both implementation variants with several parameters (key size and frequency) with respect to computation time and memory usage.

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