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1996 : Prototype Implementation and Evaluation of TTP/C

Roman Pallierer
The prerequisite for the correct and predictable behavior of a fault-tolerant distributed real-time system is a communication subsystem that fulfils the stringent requirements of distributed real-time applications. This includes not only a reliable message transmission with predictable and small upper-bounds, but also the supply of additional protocol services such as the provision of a global timebase and a membership service.

The time triggered protocol TTP/C is a communication protocol that fulfils these temporal and functional requirements of distributed fault-tolerant real-time systems. To demonstrate the feasibility of the protocol, a prototype hardware module has been developed by the TTP project group.

In this thesis, an implementation and evaluation of the TTP/C protocol on this custom-made hardware module is presented. The protocol software has been analyzed using a self-developed simulation tool and set into action on the prototype hardware modules. This thesis describes the results of the implementation and finally gives an outlook on future implementations, considering the long-term vision of an integrated VLSI TTP/C controller.

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