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1992 : Dependability Modeling of Distributed Real-Time Systems

in German language
Heinz Kantz
Dependability is an important requirement for real-time systems. This thesis investigates the topic of dependability modeling of distributed real-time systems. It concentrates on the following two major points: Analysis of the feasibility of manually generated dependability models and an evaluation of the distributed real-time system MARS.

The results of a dependability analysis directly influence future design decisions. This fact requires that dependability analysis should form an integral part of the system design process. Since all required information for dependability analysis has to be gathered in the system development process, one can automate the conversion of system information into dependability models. This approach is critically examined in this thesis. To this end, the dependability behaviour of the MARS system is modeled using different modeling techniques. These approaches describe the same system, but differ in the chosen assumptions, model complexity, and used analysis techniques. These models are compared with respect to numerical results, model sizes, and execution times.

A direct, automatic conversion of design information into a dependability model soon reveals the limitation of this approach. Using advanced modeling techniques and extracting the knowledge about system structure and system behaviour, a significant reduction of model complexity can be achieved. In this thesis the following techniques have been used: Hierarchical modeling, global model description techniques, folding, and two approximative model description techniques.

The second major goal of this thesis has been an evaluation of the distributed real-time architecture MARS, by analyzing different hardware and software architectures of MARS with respect to reliability, safety, and availability. This analysis takes transient and permanent faults of components and the communication channels into account, determines their influence on system dependability, and provides hints for system improvement.

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